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Fun things to help you stay committed to your new journey:

Here are some proven things-to-do that have shown to increase the success rate of you completing the masterclass and launching your business. 

Invite someone to do the masterclass with you.

Doing it with someone allows you to share your workload and also overcome obstacles together. Working with someone else also means you are committed to others to launch your business. So, why not invite someone to do the masterclass with you? It could be your spouse, family member or a friend.

Have a "friendly" competition among your friends.

Up the ante of the masterclass! Invite a couple of your friends and compete among yourselves to launching your business! This will indeed be absolute fun, plus you will have lots of people to laugh and interact with as well as to discuss and share solutions when you are stuck. 

Share on social media that you are on a mission!

When you share with others that you are on a mission and a challenge to start a business within 3 days, you are committed to the cause as people you know will be supporting and cheering you on! With this, you will be motivated to put in extra effort to ensure that you do not fail and let those cheering you down.

When taking up a new journey, nothing beats involving the people around you to help you succeed!
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