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Business Startup Challenge

Worried about losing your job? Feeling insecure? Bored? Thinking of what to do during this thriving times while being stuck at home? Why not… 

Join a one week challenge to launch your own business and create a new revenue stream.

About The Challenge

This is an actionable approach challenge whereby you’ll dive straight into starting your own business within a week using a proven blueprint that works. No long, boring video courses to go through and lengthy notes to read. It’s really all about “doing”. 

Here are the objectives and goals of this challenge:

Launch One Business

Within One Week

With Less Than $100


Here is a summary of what you will be doing in this challenge:

Maybe it's time to try something different that could possibly change your life.

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Basically anyone with a passion to change their life by launching a digital business can take up this challenge. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any prior experiences in business, what your profession is or what background you come from. The only thing that you need, is the “desire” to try something new and to make a difference in your life. 

This challenge is not for you if you are already trading or selling online. If you are already having an existing business, you might be interested in our upcoming Scale and Grow Program. If you are interested, click here to drop your details.

Why Should You Take Up The Challenge?

According to experts, the COVID-19 pandemic will wipe out at least 30-50% of small businesses as the world gets a reset. Giants in the industry will be affected, and people will lose jobs or get a pay cut as the world brace for an economic catastrophe. Question is, what are you doing to ensure that you are not affected by this pandemic? 


Startup Beacon has helped many individuals launched their businesses. Here are some of them:

And many more. Yours could be next as well!


Special thanks to our partners and sponsors for making this challenge possible at such a bargain price.

This Is Not Another Ordinary Online Course... Here's Why...

There seem to be so many online, video courses lately. It is not that these courses are not good. They are, but how many of these courses have you completed? Many people don’t even finish more than three lessons of these courses. Some don’t even start.

Well, this is precisely why we have designed this challenge differently. In fact, this is not a course, for one simple reason. Have you ever noticed that you learn most by doing! Take a moment to think about it. Yes, we actually learn best by doing!

Therefore, this challenge is fundamentally an “action-oriented blueprint” that will guide you through on the steps needed to launch your business (and how to get these steps done – even if you have no experience). This blueprint will literally ask you to “DO”, to take action. You will be totally immersed in an explorative-learning experience by doing activities that get you from zero to a successful business launch.

Register and embark on a new journey to launch a business within a week.

We have initially planned to launch this challenge for $149 but we have decided not to charge for this challenge to help individuals during this thriving times caused by the current COVID-19 pandemic. Plus, you will be getting all the goodies that we’ve planned to give out. So this is indeed a bargain! Register now by clicking the button below:

Plus get $188 worth of freebies. Limited units left.


Accept the challenge today and get the following freebies worth $188 to accelerate your business launch.

Legal Templates to Speed-Up Your Business Startup

(Worth $32)

FREE legal templates to eliminate one of the most time consuming, boring and tedious process about starting a business.

Here are the templates you will be getting:

Social Media Cheat Sheets for Images & Videos

(Worth $28)

We have done all the research and compiled two social media cheat sheets to make life easier for you. Get an “Image Cheat Sheet” and a “Video Cheat Sheet” on image and video specifications for most popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. This will definitely save you a whole lot of time when preparing your medias for the various social media platforms.

Ultimate Business Tools Guidebook

(Worth $29)

A concise guide that will help you leapfrog and bring your business or career to a new level! Discover tips and tools that will assist you to:


Internet Marketing Video Course by Web Marketing Geek

(Worth $99)

Fully sponsored by Web Marketing Geek, the Internet Marketing Course will definitely give you a boost and help you market your business successfully once you have launched. 

Here is a breakdown of what you will learn in the course:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions that we received. 

Anyone who wants to create and do something different in their life. Anyone who does not want to rely on or possibly quit their 9-5 jobs to pursue something better and greater. It’s also perfect for those budding entrepreneurs who always wanted to start a business but never managed to cross the finish line. In short, this challenge is literally for anyone!

Nothing actually. As long as you can read, understand and communicate in English, you have all it needs to take up the challenge.

No worries. We do understand that at times, things do crop up and you are unable to complete it. You will still have access to the materials, and you can continue your challenge beyond one week, but we genuinely recommend that you complete the challenge within a week (and don’t let procrastination get hold of you!).

You should be able to start most businesses with this challenge. During the challenge, we will discuss and explore the types of the businesses that you should look into as it is low risk, low cost and also can be launched quickly. But this does not mean you should not work on the thing that you love. In fact we recommend that you work on the things that you are passionate about within this boundaries. Remember the objective of this challenge is to get your business up within a week. Trust us, if you don’t do it within a week, it will highly like that you business won’t launch. 

Just give the challenge and your business a try. We are confident that you will surely make something out of it and learn loads. End of the day, if you really think this isn’t for you, you can always opt for a full refund with our 14 days money back guarantee.

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